Ben Dover is the Booty Bandit

Released at: December 15, 2000 by VCA
**This is BEN DOVER here once again, and it's time to meet a bunch of British cockgobblers in another of my all-anal, silicon free spunkfests!** The show kicks off with the return of **Layla**, an insatiable eighteen year old nymph who makes a welcome comeback to introduce a delectable little chum of hers, the barely legal brunette Emma. Also having reached the grand old age of eighteen, Emma decided it was high time she got fucked on film and had her virgin asshole plundered also! Luckily Layla was on hand to show her cute teenage girlfriend exactly how much fun arse-drilling can be! We move swiftly along the big titted, raven haired beauty **Tammi**, who just loves big black cocks up her arse, especially when she has another huge boner in her juiced up cunt! Next up comes **Bev**, a nasty brunette who opened her crack for some serious arse shagging before getting liberally smothered in jizz! And last but not least is **Leanna**, an amateur model who was a real natural and keen to try just about anything including two dicks in her pussy and a dynamic double penetration. By the time Bob and Pascal had finished with the luscious Leanna, the cute teeny could barely walk!

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