Best of Cuckold Fantasies POV Vol. 14

Released at: September 12, 2017 by Roman Video
Four scenes of cuckolding depravity! Four luscious, young women turning you into their sissy bitch. The very best moments from POV Cuckold Volumes 48, 49, 50, and 51. Teen stepdaughter Alexa Nova sucks your scrawny dick until you agree to her serve her, fuck her and only her, and eat her boyfriend's cum from her pussy. Alexa locks you in chastity so you'll comply. She fucks her boyfriend while you watch. They mock you as they cum again and again and you're forced to suck out the resulting creampie. She sits on your face to force out the remaining sperm, and has a body shaking orgasm. She slaps your dick and finally allows you to fuck her with your tiny penis. Big titted wife August Taylor coaxes you with a deep and sensual blowjob until you agree to let her fuck other men. She humiliates you by making you wear her pantyhose. She slaps away your hands when you try to touch your dick, then locks it in chastity. She returns from a date gushing multiple loads of cum from from her pussy and you lick it all up. Then she surprises you with a big strap-on dildo. She makes you suck and deepthroat her big cock! August brings a man home and forces you to watch as they fuck. She tells you how she loves his cock so much more than yours, and forces you to eat his cum out of her. She cums while grinding on your face, releases you from chastity, and allows you to fuck her with your tiny penis. Only by thinking of all the other men and their bigger, better cocks can she cum again. Sweet blonde stepdaughter Bailey Brooke is eager to get your dick in her mouth, then threatens to tell her mom if you don't do everything she says. She fucks your brains out, her hot young flesh and super-tight pussy make you lose your mind. In 69, she sucks then slaps your cock when you try to touch it. Then she locks you in chastity and commands you to suck her huge strap-on. She returns from a date with her pussy dripping cum. Knowing it's your only hope of freedom, you get to your knees and lick it up. You watch her fuck her boyfriend as they mock your chastity-caged dick. He cums three times and you're forced to suck his loads out of her. She sits on your face to make sure you get it all. Your hot daughter, Whitey Wright, bats her big brown eyes as she sucks your cock. But if you don't do what she says she'll tell her mom what you did to your own daughter. Then she locks you in chastity, makes you bend over for her strap-on, makes you suck her boyfriend's jizz from her frshly fucked pussy. You watch her fuck her boyfriend and his bigger, better cock. He shoots three massive loads and you're forced to slurp them out of her. You're rewarded with facesitting, cock slapping, and finally, getting to fuck your daughter.

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