Bikini Beach 5

Released at: December 10, 2010 by Coast To Coast
Shot on location in paradise! What began as a sub-tropical casting session in Bikini Beach 4 turns into an international erotic incident as Will Divide steers the S.S. Coast-to-Coast into delightfully treacherous waters in Bikini Beach 5. Set sail with our two enterprising infomercial magnates (Snappy Malone and Carlton Shits) as they fight to 'audition' the bikini-busting babes eager to be their spokesperson. And who can blame the guys when the sluts in question have all graced the pages and covers of Hustler with their superb bodies? Sparks fly (along with more than a dollap of precious bodily fluids) when Carlton and the Sparkster set their sites-and pork swords-on the very same gals. How do they settle the conflict? With an anal-themed all-cast orgy of course, which is exactly what happens. You were expecting anything less from one of the original Pussymen?

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