Black Bi Cuckolding 18

Released at: July 15, 2014 by Kick Ass Pictures
There's no need for her to tell you just how pathetic you are; the disgust is stamped on her face every time she has the misfortune to see your sad, sorry excuse for a dick. Your itty bitty wiener doesn't do ~~anything~~ for her. Every time you cum, there's just a sad little mess, like someone spit on the floor. She gets so frustrated that she has to finish herself off with the shower nozzle set on full blast. You're fucking worthless, and she can't take it anymore. She has a plan. She's been eyeing the pool man and his big black bulge bursting from his shorts. She's going to take that black buck's cock and fill her aching pussy up. If you don't want his jizz spilling into her pussy, you're going to have to put that ebony dick in your mouth and suck down anything that comes up!

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