Black Nannies

Released at: March 27, 2019 by Penthouse
Nathan Bronson is visiting an old friend, but he's stuck at work and comes across his friend's gorgeous nanny, Jenna Foxx. As she comes by for water, Bronson says that there is to much ice, but Jenna has a way to fix it as she plays with her fingers in her mouth, next thing she's all over Bronson. Demi Sutra, has a fetish of a man's scent, especially, when it's her boss, Chad Whites. After, getting caught in his bedroom, wearing his jacket, Chad decides to get in between Sutra's legs while his wife is away. After a hard day at work and getting harassed by his ex-wife, Jake Adams needs a break from reality. Lucky, his beautiful maid, Anya Ivy, eases his pain with an exotic massage that ends with him giving her explicit pleasure in the living room. It's breakfast, and Rion King smells the scent of his gorgeous young nanny, Noemie Bilas, who loves to play with fruit in her mouth. But she wants her boss' dick in her mouth instead, and Rion King quickly succumbs.

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