Black Swallowers 2

Released at: June 15, 2001 by FilmCo
The second edition of the all-black, all-oral sexfest picks up right were the first left off. We being with Isis, a cute Latina lovely who launchers herself into a mesmerizing mouth session that gets things off to a heady start. Litha is a cut, slightly thick temptress for 31 who seems genuinely turned on by her partner for the day, John Hopper. She sends him into erotic ecstasy with her energetic oral exertions. Thick nineteen-year-old L.A. sweetie Mia is up next, and she shows that she's no slouch when it comes to wet and wild blow-by-blows. Sierra then shows up in an adult video store, treating some lucky local stiff to the time of his life. Sierra's known as one of the hottest oral sexers out there, and her ravenous work here insures that her reputation remains intact. Mary Jane's one of the shapeliest sirens around, and she goes down on Mark Anthony in a sizzling segment of her own. Aniya turns a bathroom into a scalding cauldron of carnal frenzy next when she's also matched up with Mark in a steamy session. Aniya's lusty lip smacking keeps her scene smoking from start to finish. The finale stars Cinnabunz in a quickie, as she sends her guy through the roof in a heated hurry. Anyone into breathless, enthusiastic oral sex will surely love this red-hot collection.

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