Black Teen Punishment 2

Released at: March 26, 2010 by West Coast Productions
Kya Tropic Age: 18 Offense: Ditching school. Sentence: Always ditching 3rd period.. takes shortcut thru woods to meet with delinquent friends. Gets caught by mountain man and gets butt fucked for the 1st time. She will never ditch again. Punished** Misti Love Age:18 Offense: Not going home at night Sentence: Tuesday night teen out partying. Makes a big mistake and sleeps in his roommate's bed. She wakes up to a black dick forced into her mouth. Sacrificed for being in the wrong bed at the wrong time. **Pussy punished** Jaelyn Fox Age 18 Offense: No Home Training Sentence: Teen run away. Turned to slave punished by owner for making a mess. ~~Pulled out of lock up** Tiffany Starr Age:19 Offense: Burglar in hi society Sentence: Homeless, rebellious teen refuses to accept defeat. Turns cat burglar in hi society. Caught in the act. ** 10" cock rammed deep into 19 year old snatch punished** Chastity Lynn Age: 19 Offense: Driving without license Sentence: Sneaky teen has no respect for mom's words. Steals a car to go out & party with girls until she needs to put the car back in its place. **Tenant teaches this teen an adult lesson in authority**

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