Black Widow, The

Released at: February 18, 2019 by Bleu Productions
Driven by desire and an intangible grief, four mysterious women blur the lines of fantasy, passion and desire in Maria Beatty's new film The Black Widow. An enigmatic Andalusian woman tries to forget the cruel games of a former mistress and seeks redemption while indulging in sado-masochistic pleasures with a new lover. Meanwhile, not too far away, a magnificent dominatrix plays with her young and faithful submissive. In a leap of human consciousness, the four women are bound together in a dream-like state as their pleasure and pain over lapse and their souls entangle. Surreal visions of spritely woodland creatures contrast against an underlying sense of loss, accompanied by an emotionally charged soundtrack We witness love and lust, dominance, submission, spanking, bondage, worship, wax and many more forms of intricate and intimate play delightful indulgences that comfort and conquer the sorrows of loss and deception. Maria Beatty, the queen of fetish lesbian noire, BDSM and erotic passion is back.

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