Released at: February 25, 2009 by Pleasure Productions
Clarissa (Ebony Ayres) and Jerome (Sean Michael) have some hot and heavy action going on. Poker (Jamie Gillis) sneaks in and takes Clarissa. Clarissa finds herself and Pepper (Shantele) shackled to the wall as Poker has his way with them. The Girls of Bay City are not safe with the outlandish Poker on the prowl! Jackson Nash (Ray Victory) hears the news on the radio. He must stop Poker. As BlackMan he hops in the Black Mobile to investigate, first stop, Jerome's. Jerome is no help to BlackMan, but Denette (Jeannie Pepper) gives fiery and torrid help to Jerome. Poker torments Cherelle (Cherelle Marie) with his camera in a photo session that will blow you away. Meanwhile, Jackson meets beautiful Nicole (Purple Passion) and falls in love and into bed. Poker takes Nicole and she finds herself shackled to the wall next to Clarissa and Pepper. Will anyone save them? You bet! BlackMan finds them, convinces Poker of the error of his ways. Clarissa and Pepper convince BlackMan that two is better than one and Poker and Nicole do a feverish horizontal Mambo. Having made Bay City safer BlackMan is off into the BlackMobile and speeds off into the sunset.

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