Blindfold 2

Released at: September 7, 2010 by Television X
THESE FILTHY BRITISH SLUTS LOVE SEX SO MUCH, THEY CAN DO IT BLINDFOLD! Dark haired Sasha loves big boobs. Although she hasn't got them herself. And she eagerly volunteers to be blindfolded, tied and teased by two hot busty blondes. We would too! Busty blonde Foxy knows what she wants from girlie sex with Jasmine "I like complete filth", she sighs "I hope she's going to tie me up and roger me senseless in my bottom and in my pussy" the girl must be psychic. In the next scene, beautiful brunette Tanya Cox is up for anything and she says she likes it hard, fast and deep blindfolded and masturbated mercilessly by pretty blonde Alyssa. She experiences her first ever on screen orgasm! 20- year old brunette Natalia has never done a boy/girl/girl scene before, but here's her chance as she takes a double calling from blonde Leigh's dildo and Clarke's big cock! "I don't mind anal but I do prefer it up the front passage," says cuts, dark-haired Petra. But, once she's blindfolded and set upon raunchy blondes Cate and Charlie, anything goes...

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Scene1: 00:00:06 - 00:25:10 (25:04)


Sasha (II)

Scene2: 00:26:04 - 00:51:05 (25:01)


Tanya Cox

Scene3: 00:51:12 - 01:15:26 (24:14)

Scene4: 01:15:31 - 01:41:25 (25:54)

Scene5: 01:41:36 - 02:07:12 (25:36)