Blonde Bitch Black Bitch - Samantha Vs. Ebony

Released at: July 16, 2011 by Napali Video
Get ready for the battle of the boobs! It's Ebony vs. Ivory in a wriggling, wrestling, catfighting stand-off of the century! Samantha and Ebony are duking it out...not with flying fist or feet. But they are duking it out with their "DD's"! Both of these voluptuous ladies have curves for days - but when they can't agree on who's the curviest out of the two the battle begins! Watch as they fondle, lick and tease each other in scene one, and then wrestle and struggle on the bed to subdue each other until one concedes to the other!

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Scene1: 00:00:36 - 00:06:07 (5:31)

Scene2: 00:06:09 - 00:11:03 (4:54)

Scene3: 00:11:05 - 00:30:23 (19:18)