Blonde Hairy Girls Vol. 1

Released at: January 1, 2015 by NaughtyNatural
Ana Meadow ? Hairy, young, ample titted blonde Ana Kisa walks through a meadow in the forest and decides to masturbate next to a bush. She undresses her soft natural body in the sunlight revealing super furry pits, bush, and soft blonde leg hair. She plays with her armpits and breasts before laying down and fingering her wet pink pussy from behind and rubbing her clit till she orgasms. Ava Couch - Curvy blonde Ava Solanas is reading on the couch in a pair of heels and fancy dress. Underneath she is wearing sheer lace underwear which we get a great low angle view of, all her blonde pussy hair peaking out as she teases herself. She fingers her pussy hard until she squirts right at the camera! Maggie Oil Slick - Busty blonde, Maggie Mayhem rubs oil on her hairy legs, with lots of HD close ups, as well as on her large breasts and delicious ass while licking her hairy pits. She eventually rubs the oil on her massive bush and pussy, fingering herself to orgasm right there on the beach! Celia Log - Super busty Celia shows off her unshaven blonde armpits and bush before laying down on a log and bringing herself to orgasm. Lila In the waves - Gorgeous blonde Lilah strips naked on the beach to her white sheer bra and panties, showing off her all natural armpits and hairy bush. She sits on a rock and spreads her pink wet pussy and fingers herself from behind while rubbing her clit till she cums right there in the water. Miel has a lazy day - Cute blond Miel is wearing short shorts and a sport bra in the woods on a beautiful day and starts feeling frisky. She takes off her shorts first, revealing her fluffy blonde bush; she plays bottomless with only a sheer lace shirt on. Finally she gets naked and makes herself cum.

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