Blonde Orgasms Two

Released at: February 4, 2010 by Femorg
Another collection of blondes in ecstasy!! Many more wet pussy pulsating orgasms on this DVD, including never before published scenes and camera angles ... See Jamie, Lily, Michelle Moist, Katja., Ayla, Felicia Fallon, Michelle Barrett and more - definitely one for the collection! The first naughty little blonde we feature in Blonde Orgasms collection is Elle MacQueen, who is a twenty-five year old natural finger rubber with a pierced clit and pigtails in her hair. Elle removes her t-shirt, pretty pink panties and bra and makes herself comfortable on the bed. Elle also has a pierced nipple and a pierced navel. She lays back on the sofa and gently rubs her clit round and round in small circles, playing with the piercing a bit, too. As Elle continues the clitoral massage, her stomach starts moving up and down and her breathing becomes a bit heavier. Elle turns her head to the side, lets out a little moan and breath and then the orgasmic contractions begin. It's a nice one, too. Long-legged naturally beautiful blonde Patricia is lying on the bed in a pair of jeans sans top and bra. Patricia unbuckles her belt and takes her jeans off - now wearing pink boy shorts and grey argyle socks. Patricia plays with her full bosom and puts her hand into her panties. Patricia pulls her knees up and takes off the panties, then she moistens her fingers and begins rubbing her clit. After a bit, she turns on the pocket rocket and runs the little toy over her nipples - which immediately perk up. Patricia moves the pocket rocket down to her clitoris. This scene is all captured with a fixed camera angle - showing Patricia's face, breasts and of course her orgasm! With the pocket rocket firmly placed on her clitoris, Patricia lets us a little moan and cums hard - breathing heavily - and continues to rub her clit with her fingers until all the contractions are done! And a little smile spreads across her face. Felicia Fallon is the next sexy blonde getting her rocks off poolside. So, Felicia saunters up to the pool, wearing a bright green bikini. She settles into the chair and plays with her pussy with a little pink hooked vibe. Very quickly, the bikini bottom is pulled to the side and then removed completely. This is another great fixed cam view capturing Felicia's facial expressions, her cooch and her feet. After a bit, Felicia switches to just using the little blue dolphin toy on her clit and she starts to moan and pant. Then, the really strong, really visible contractions take hold of Felicia's cooch - even capturing the full-body action, every contraction is perfectly visible. Lying on the bed in a pair of black panties and a pink t-shirt, Robyn is ready to go again. She lifts up the t-shirt and plays with her large breasts saying that her pussy is getting really wet. She slides her hand into her panties and feels herself. Robyn rolls over to reach for a toy or two from the bedside table. Her first choice is the black thingy massager which she places on her pussy, through her panties. She says it feels really good. After a few minutes, she decides to remove her knickers spreading her lips wide and then liberally applying some lube all over that shaved cooch. The toy is turned on again as Robyn lays back and enjoys the sensations. Within just a few minutes, she is cumming hard - she says something really dirty - something about 'fucking spunk', but we couldn't quite make all of it out just before she starts to cum. Robyn decides she likes the little black massager and she shows off her really swollen pussy. Looking very girl-y in pink sweat pants and a pink tank top, Michelle is ready for a wank! She removes her sweat pants - no panties! - and licks her fingers and vibe to moisten her bits. Michelle gets warmed up with the toy and then decides to roll over onto all fours for a doggie style session. Her cooch lips kind of flare around the tip of the vibe. In what is now quickly becoming typical Michelle fashion, we know she is getting closer to cumming when the quiet moans begin and her hips rock up and down on that vibe! She kinda bounces on the bed and vibe - really wanting to cum and really enjoying it. Michelle starts to say, "Oh" and then, "Oh yeah!" and then, "Oh god, I'm going to cum!" just before the contractions begin! Her perineum pulls up and down, with lots of nice pussy and anal contractions. Michelle rolls onto her back - licks her vibe, of course and says how nice that one felt. She plays with her bits and the camera moves in for a closeup. Ayla is back in the orgasm chair wearing orange panties and a purple cardigan - the color contrast is nice and interesting. This time she is playing with the magic wand through her panties and obviously enjoying it. When she removes the orange panties and inserts her fingers into her pussy, one can already "hear" the wetness before it starts dripping down to her bottom. Working the toy in a circular motion - Ayla seems to like that - she gets dripping wet and cums hard. Without stopping Ayla goes for another orgasm right on the heels of the first! Then, still keeping the toy on her clit, she tries for a third, occasionally dipping her fingers into her wetness and really trying in earnest with the wand for one more not attainable O. It takes Ayla a while to calm herself down after those two nice orgasms as she pants and moans. Natural - breasted, but probably not natural blonde, Katja is on her back on the bed with her dress hiked up around her waist, showing off red thong panties. She reaches for a silver bullet vibe and uses it for a minute before sitting up to take off her dress and bra. She uses the vibe through the panties momentarily before reaching down and placing the toy directly on her clit. The panties are removed and she rolls over onto all fours to play with the toy doggie style for a bit. Katja just can't quite get there, so she rolls back onto her back and enjoys the powerful little toy right on her clit for just a moment before she orgasms - and it's a nice squirting one! Her clit is nicely swollen and enlarged and she says she doesn't know what happened there!! Sexy, petite, twenty-one year-old new-cummer Michelle Moist is looking terribly sexy in a red fisnet body suit while lying on black sheets. Michelle doesn't want to cum too quickly and she holds off a few times, once nearly cumming as we see a very sharp anal contraction, but she removes the silver egg vibe just in time. This is a stunning scene visually too. She is hot in every sense and she takes off her panties and pulls down her top so she can fondle her breasts and nips and pussy to build up her excitement. After a little finger play she tries the egg toy but it's initially a bit strong for her sensitive little pink knob, but she masters it in no time and quickly gets close, pulling away just in time to prevent the orgasm. It must be fantastic to be able to stay on the edge like that ... You can see her teasing herself a bit but soon her body absolutely demands to ORGASM!!! and she lets out a "Ooooohhhh!, Ahhhhh! Mmmmmm!" and then has her strongest orgasm yet. See, it was well worth all that teasing. Michelle lets us know "That egg is really good"! So was that orgasm. Lovely, tall blonde Jamie with her hair braided undressing. Jamie has large, enhanced breasts and a firm, tight, body with a large tattoo on her hip, a pierced clit and a pierced navel. Jamie chooses the little white pocket rocket to get her off today and it's not longer before she is softly moaning and rocking her hips up and down slightly. With her eyes closed, her face turned to one side and her hips bobbing up and down, Jamie moans softly and enjoys a nice, contracting orgasm. The scene finishes with a cooch cam closeup of her pussy. Lovely Lily is lounging outdoors wearing black thigh-high stockings and a black lace-trimmed bra and panty set. She has perched herself up on the table and is enjoying a few cherries form the bowl a

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