Blue Dress Spanking

Released at: July 6, 2004 by Scorched
  • Studio: Scorched
  • Duration: 00:30:00
  • Production year: 2004
  • Scene count: 2
  • Cast:
When the boss shows up in the office and sees his secretary wasting time, he decides to punish her. He lifts her legs over her head in her office chair and proceeds to spank her bottom! Next, he stands her up and makes her lean over the desk so he can whip her with a cane. He binds her hands with handcuffs and spanks her with various objects. Later, to add to her humiliation, he fucks her with a vibrator!

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Scene1: 00:00:07 - 00:17:07 (17:00)

Scene2: 00:17:08 - 00:30:02 (12:54)