Bob's Line #207

Released at: September 12, 2011 by Bob's Videos
Sultry Veronica Avluv gives her version of a 21 gun salute in her opening dance of life, losing her tiny, teeny bikini in the process. Later she returns for a personalized and intimate session where she talks about sex and her career, and squirts her orgasmic pleasure as emphatic punctuation. Tracey Wolfe is all business in her military uniform, meeting up in the car with her boyfriend for a quick break in the recruitment meeting she's leading. Her feet are simply 'killing her', so a soothing foot rub is the order of the day. As her nylon covered tootsies are soothed, Tracey can't help but return the erotic gift with lots of peeks up her skirt and promises of joys to come. Celeste Star shoots a few fireworks of her own, wearing the shortest of skirts and long sleek seamed nylons. The sexy patriot lounges in the privacy of her cozy nest, and in no time at all, her clothes disappear and she opens herself up to skyrockets of pleasure.

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