Bob's Platinum Edition - The Wicked Babysitter

Released at: April 3, 2012 by Bob's Videos
The babysitter is hot for the Mrs....and she gets exactly what she wants! Nina James just loves her job, mostly because she absolutely adores and worships the ground woman she works for walks on! Her boss, poor Veronica Ricci is a totally frustrated wife, whose mean husband ignores her and leaves her completely unsatisfied! Nina is about to burst with the lust she feels for her classy and elegant friend, and is waiting for the perfect moment to let her lust be known and satisfied! One evening as Veronica drives Nina home; she breaks down in tears and admits her frustrations to the young girl, only to suddenly and irresistibly find herself in Nina's arms. Soon their passions overwhelm them both as they melt into each other's kisses right in the driveway. Their clothes disappear and their fingers are scorching as hot naked flesh is caressed and fondled. F few nights later Nina sneaks into Veronica's bedroom and steal her new lover to the safety of her own bed, where they won't be caught if the husband returns home. Finally they satisfy their built up passions, and realize that they have many more wonderful fantasies to explore together soon. This wicked baby sitter is completely in charge!

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