Bogus Sick Notes

Released at: May 1, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
Headmaster Tom is rather concerned about Marita's health. According to the sick notes written out by a Doctor Parsons, she's been too sick to attend her work as secretary at the GBS for several days. So he calls her into his office for an explanation. She sticks to her story that she's had severe stomach cramps and nausea. However, when HM Tom shows her a photo taken of her the previous day ? on the beach, she realizes the game is up. He's not one to let any of his staff or students get away with attempting to make a fool of him, so he tells her to pull down her trousers and knickers and to go to her room and wait for him. When he joins her, she's cowering in a corner and the pillows on her bed are piled up as he requested. He tells her to lie over the pillows, so that her bare bottom is in a good position to receive the belt, and she hurries to obey. Removing his belt from its loops, he doubles it and starts swinging his right arm so that the belt makes contact with her quivering bottom, causing her to scream out and jerk her head backwards, while at the same time involuntarily kicking out with her legs. He doesn't rush it, but keeps to a slow steady pace. At the end of her punishment, she is told that for the next two weeks she must each morning come to his office for her daily punishment. Next morning finds her knocking on his door asking for her daily punishment. Telling her to bend down, he gives her a quick hand spanking. After which she is to get on with her day's work as normal.

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