Boiler Room, The

Released at: February 16, 2019 by Bleu Productions
HEFNER BROUGHT YOU SKIN, GUCCIONE BROUGHT YOU MUFF, FLYNT BROUGHT YOU PINK, AND NOW BLEU PRODUCTIONS BRINGS YOU... DEEP PINK! It is a beautiful spring day as Mistress Tara pulls her ship out of the harbor to set course for Her Personal Island. Then suddenly, she is rudely interrupted by the disturbing news that there is a stowaway on board.To add insult to injury, it is her beautiful nemesis, Valerie Divine! What you are about to see is the most graphic, hard-core, S&M lesbian film made in the United States. Valerie is suspended and whipped, subjected to a thorough cavity search, probed and fisted, shaved with a straight razor, penetrated with various objects never shown in the history of fetish film, and then harshly dildo trained to bring about her confession. And that is just the foreplay! Bondage, latex, leather, and fetishists will also have their perversions quenched by this warped film noire. Not for the faint of heart!

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