Bonfire Of The Panties

Released at: December 13, 2010 by Coast To Coast
Stock market dives. Raven goes down. That's how it works when the fire's inyour loins. Welcome to ~~Bonfire Of The Panties~~. The New Wave Camera of WIlliam Black, fresh from the triumphs of ~~AnalNation~~ and ~~Total Redball~~ points his twisted camera at the Me Decades fo the 80's and what can happen when greed goes awry. He's assembled some of the biggest names in adult: Gorgeous Raven, hot blonde Nikki Wilde, the sultry Ashley Nicole, and foxy Missy Warner. All shot in the new-wave-style that pusehs his movies to the top of the charts. Turn on ~~Bonfire~~. And watch the sirens ignite.

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