Booty Talk 94

Released at: November 29, 2011 by West Coast Productions
Foxy Tatiyana Foxx starts this 94th installment of Booty Talk. She's born on the islands and this 19 year old Hawaiian loves the smell test and sounds of sex! After some oil her bubble gets her in trouble. She likes getting licked from to back. She loves that ass spanked because she likes it rough, she says. If you don't give it to her rough, she'll make you give it to her rough! She's got some skills, she almost sucked the black off that man! The more you do the better your sex life she will be is her mantra! This next Chicago-sourced bombshell is about 137lbs, 5'3. She says she's a bit of a freak and it used to having a dick in her at all times! She loves to show off and goes outside to lure a man to pony up to that big round ass. This is the kind of ass you can hide behind! That g-string looks like a piece of spaghetti next to the Grand Canyon, damn son! Leilani is 18, comes up next, amazing face, gorgeous smile, beautiful butt- tall and sleek with a booty like a freak. She's an undercover freak, you'll see just how nasty she likes it! Lavish Styles is something else. She's doing her first scene with West Coast Productions. She jiggles her girls around then she gets that ass going, warm caramel skin in motion! All natural, all sexy and all the time- she'll make you sweat before you even have your drawers off! She wants to warm up with a toy, then you'll have to wait to see what she does with her booty buddy! She does the splits when she rides her man, you won't believe this! Finally, the big brown eyes of a tall nylon and lace clad babe makes it your way. She wants you to come play with her and her 32 DD, think you got it in you to get it in her? She's shot on talking, that makes this a great finale to yet another sure blockbuster! You'll hear clapping, it's her big ass getting pounded! Her man needs to take a break form this charming twenty something, you'll have to see why!

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