Bootylicious: D.P. Blacks

Released at: October 11, 2000 by JM Productions
Our new homie Jerkell just can't seem to keep his ho happy; she keeps going out and looking for big black dick. Not only that, but one is not enough. These babes love the feeling of two cocks thrusting inside them at the same time. We're talkin' double penetration here, people. Join us for four hot hardcore scenes featuring stunning babes taking big black cocks deep in their holes.

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Scene1: 00:00:46 - 00:29:12 (28:26)

Scene2: 00:29:12 - 00:56:12 (27:00)

Scene3: 00:56:12 - 01:14:08 (17:56)

Scene4: 01:14:08 - 01:51:20 (37:12)