Released at: May 5, 2020 by ATV Entertainment
Mr. Breze has a particular passion for jewels, expecially if they are in a suitecase in an armoured van. The idea of putting his hands on that fantastic loot is irresistibile. The nasty guy tells one of his old chaps to find the right men to take part in the robbery, who in this very moment are busy in all other activities less well-paid and even less satisfying for those old scoundrels. The idea of becoming richer earns one approval after another, beside this in such a turnover there aren't friends but only accomplices and to play the double game is a well know art by every component of the band. Considering the loot value, it's not easy to find an agreement with the fences and the situation is in favour of Mr. Breze who well knows how to clebrate the good outcome of a millionaire business.

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