Brazilian Pleasures

Released at: May 14, 2021 by Only3x
Seeing Luna Corazon for the first time, we couldnt be excited as ever seeing this cutie ebony getting naughty in front of the camera. She is wearing her blue lingerie highlighting her sexy fresh body. This adorable started doing her seductive dance while staring at you teasingly. She finally started to remove her bra unveiling her perky tits and hard nipples. This naughty ebony starts sitting on the sofa and you can see her feet wearing high heels. Looks like she is about to start the naughty thing that she is planning. Luna starts giving us a glimpse of her tight pussylips. She removes her panties and you can see her long legs all over the sofa. Using her two fingers, she starts playing with her pussy with her left hand. Slowly but surely, she makes sure her pussy is warmed up before taking any thick sex toys. Her masturbation escalated quickly as her tempo goes as fast as she can. Luna Corazon even raises both her legs up as she wanted to show off her wet pussy. She changes position, bending over her body as she reaches her favorite dildo. She treated it like a real cock, lubricating it with her saliva. After some quick blowjob sample, she points it into her trimmed cunt as the camera focuses on her clit. You can see how her pussy starts getting really wet thanks to her big dildo. Little did we know, Luna Corazon loves getting fucked in this dogstyle position and seeing her masturbating, in the same way, is epic in every proportion. After bending over her body, she found a unique way toying her pussy by sitting on it in reverse cowgirl style. That is right, this cutie ebony is pumping her hips and her wet pussy up and down with that dilo and you can see evidently on her satisfied face that she loves it. She got a nice butt by the way, something that is very common for this ebony pornstars. We think she gets a lot of orgasms in such a short amount of time. You can see after she changes position as she is all sweaty as heck, dripping down all over her body and it looks hot and sexy. Just like when she is having fun with the real thing. Luna Corazon isnt contented with alone sex toy as she brings another one. This time it is her favorite pink vibrator. She knows how to use not only one but two sex toys at the same time. The dildo screwing her pussyhole while her vibrator stimulating her clit. Watch Luna as she is about to release her most explosive orgasm in her lifetime. Her pussy juices are overflowing on both her sex toys and you can see she is really cumming because of her body shaking and trembling. That scene is amazing, she must be tired getting her multiple orgasms for about 30 minutes of masturbating.

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