British Bombshells 2: Birds Gone Black

Released at: September 2, 2010 by Sensational Video
Big, beautiful and English! These UK plumpers satisfy all who crave more in a woman. These BBW birds know exactly how you want them: Hot, plump and hungry. Prepare yourself for a binge of huge tits, big asses and more cushion for the pushin' than you can shake your pepperoni stick at. Here's a bevy of big beautiful women with some of the largest tits and ass you'll ever see! Best of all, they're here to do as you please! So grab the Kleenex and some lube, and get ready to settle back and watch these big girls back that ass up and take these massive black cocks like you've never seen before!

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Scene1: 00:00:13 - 00:29:37 (29:24)


Amber Hall

Scene2: 00:29:38 - 00:55:59 (26:21)



Scene3: 00:56:00 - 01:22:30 (26:30)


Sydney JJ

Scene4: 01:22:31 - 01:49:39 (27:08)

Scene5: 01:49:50 - 02:15:20 (25:30)


Nikki May