Buttman & Rocco Go To Montreal

Released at: January 11, 2000 by Evil Angel
The call from the North arrived in the form a phone call from Rocco saying that he had heard there were some very sexy girls willing to do porno in Montreal. There we found that the wonderful combination of French sensuality and New World boldness has created a city unlike any other place on Earth! **Lap Dancing** Exploring the Montreal nightlife, I come upon the DOWNTOWN Club on Saint Catherine's Street. I'm just into seeing some good striptease, but when Rocco arrives a lap dance in a private booth turns into much more than intense teasel After hours, he gets to ream three luscious showgirls, TANGERINE DREAM, DAISY FOX and limber young KIMBERLY FRANKLIN. **Expo Exposed** At the site of the Montreal World Exposition, Rocco and I pick up a couple of girls. One is a beautiful French-Canadian BARBIE BELLE, and other Chinese immigrant JADE. Both are wild, young and ready for anything. **Beaver Hall** Back on the streets I stumble across the former site of Beaver Hall, a legendary founded Montreal several hundred years ago used to come to party. The "beavers" of today are still hard to catch, but what dine "beavers" they are! JUDY and DIAMOND FOREVER lead Rocco and me on a Wild Beaver Chase through the new "Beaver Hall" where face sitting is the fetish of the day! **Abbraxa.com** Montreal is home to some nasty amateurs on the Internet, but none is more extreme than ABBRAXA. She's famous for her watersports. I can't do that here, but we have lots of fun doing a live Internet show using ping pong balls, a speculum and Mr D's big dick as well as his bery useful "can opener" dildo. Sexy young newcomer TRIXY gets "opened" as well.

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