Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes

Released at: January 3, 2001 by Evil Angel
**BACK AT DREAMS** In Sao Paulo, I return to my favorite place in Brazil. **Raul** and **Sonja** are on stage doing a live sex show -and the girls are all over us! **IN BACK OF DREAMS** The private rooms are not for sleeping. Joey kept saying **Bruna** was the best of the trip. It was hot steamy sex at 3 a.m. A big nice butt! **KEIKO...** a beautiful Japanesse-Brazillan girl has an incredible bubble butt and is the wildest slut I've ever met. She was on her knees sucking dick after dick in front of everybody at **DREAMS**>. **THE BACK SIDE OF KRYSTI.** She's tanner and BIGGER than ever! Rocco comes over and the sparks fly! __Powerful Fucking! Freaky Anal!__ **THE BIG T & A's OF EDUARA...** are my day-dream obsessions. She's very sweet, young and voluptuous. ...AND SHE LOVES ANAL SEX! **SWEETIE PIE** Disturbs my editing at home. (OK, so I've done this before.) What a nice tan, round butt - and she's got a great asshole! It's very sweet and **very penetratable!!** **STEPHANIE** is lost and lonely in a Favelo in Sao Paulo. She's moody, quiet, very intense, she likes it rough...**AND IN THE ASS!**

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