Buttman's Ultimate Workout

Released at: June 5, 2000 by Evil Angel
**This time I really got lucky!** Not only did I find five girls with incredible legs and asses, but this is also the hottest sex I've ever shot. This is my ultimate erotic, buns-fetish feature that goes from sultry gyms, to parking structures, to dark alleys, to elegant homes. Again I play video cameraman-for-hire who can't resist getting down on the floor and shooting up at gorgeous bottoms. Again, my obsession gets me in big trouble. I incur the wrath of muscle-bound studs as I sneak butt shots of their round-bottomed workout partners: Darla Derriere, Madison, and Patricia Kennedy. Also, I'm hired by Dutch model Zara (in her first video appearance) to help her seduce Italian movie star Rocco Siffredi, who is already distracted. My camera always finds its way to the bottom of things in my search for true love. Along the way, the distraction of voluptuous Talia James keeps my face and camera in the right place. This is the best anal action, ass licking, and ass worship I've ever shot! ~~John Stagliano~~

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