Canada's Beavers 2 - Business To Pleasure

Released at: August 10, 2014 by 7th Street Media
These sneaky Canadian women know how to get what they want. Each scene features a woman being tricked into a house call for business that quickly turns to pleasure. Sophia is a cosmetic sales rep tricked by Mandy into thinking she wants to purchase product. Turns out it's Sophia's pussy that she wants and gets! Star is complaining to Mandy about her boyfriend and feels that something is missing from their relationship. Mandy shows Star exactly what might be missing in the bedroom and starts licking her all over. Janessa has Sheila over to help fill out a claim for an "accident" she was in. Sheila feels bad for Janessa when she starts talking about her back and neck discomfort and how shook up she still is over it. Sheila decides that some naked love making will help her feel better. Janessa is at it again when she decides to do an internet search for a hot, female graphic designer to help her with her web page. She gets Roxi to come over and they both are naked, rubbing and licking all over!

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