Caning Revenge / English Beauty

Released at: March 26, 2008 by California Star Productions
In Caning Revenge two female ex-bank robbers learn that Kristen, who has just been released from prison, is coming over to collect her share of the dough from the heist. It's a whopping hundred thousand pounds, and she just spent three years of her life in the slammer to pay for it! Unfortunately the women spent her share on their luxurious apartment, and can only come up with five thousand pounds. Kristen's prison time has toughened her up and when she learns of their misconduct they both receive corporal punishment, which includes hard straps across bare bottoms and severe red welts from canings! And in English Beauty, a sensuous blond beauty meets the fury of a husband who finds that she has been sleeping about with a local lad. He gives her and old fashioned over the knee spanking. This is continued at the dining table with a hand paddling and finally in the lounge with an even more furious paddle. That night her bottom is bright red!

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