Captain Get Your Anchor

Released at: April 29, 2021 by SugarBabesTV
What more beautiful, romantic and caustic than a yacht trip in the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea! SugarBabes TV's new summer movie starring the sex bomb Rosa Rozita is dripping horny under the hot sun, with her husband (Nek Junior) at her side where they decide to escape the city. During the voyage, spiders enjoy their journey chatting about how well they had an idea for this escape until a message pops up on Nek Junior's cell phone and then the phase between the couple goes awry, since the message is not from work of, but by one of his chicks. Rosa Rozita grabs his cell phone while looking at a photo of her husband with another and the fight begins. Her husband's excuses were not credible at all and so Nick leaves the cabin to be alone to calm down. Left alone, Rosa Rozita with the yacht captain (Konstantinos Petsakias) asks him what his opinion is about everything that took place in front of him. The captain remains uninvolved, wanting to calm the spirits by telling her how beautiful she is with nice visages and much more. Rosa Rozita with her ego raised after the captain's caustic words does not miss the opportunity to enjoy his cock, throwing out her boobs to milk her and see how enjoyable they are. The captain does not miss an opportunity and sucks her tits with orgasm and then a crazy fuck begins! Rosa Rozita falls to her knees to enjoy his cock, giving lessons on a crazy blowjob while he does not miss an opportunity and enjoys her minaret to the fullest, offering her a fuck without tomorrow. Suddenly her husband appears on the deck and sees that his captain is jumping on his wife. The quarrel breaks out again and on the many things that are said, Rosa Rozita tells him the attack that "he no longer fucks her well!". This is also the reason for Nek to remind her again how well he fucks after asking her while she agrees that it is a good idea. So the couple starts a crazy fuck on the yacht. Nek tastes and tears Rosa Rozita's minaret like never before, while she enjoys his cock passionately under the blue sunny sky of the Aegean.

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