Released at: February 9, 2008 by Magic Moments
This is another video of our gorgeous Carly, but this time she GETS NASTY & DRIPPING WET! Sitting in a chair, she massages her luscious breasts & pinches her nipples until they're hard & erect! Naked, except for panties, she straddles & rubs her clit across the chair arm! She pulls her panties aside for a close-up views inside her juicy coochie while RUBBING & PULLING "IT" WIDE OPEN! You'll hear wet smacking & sucking sounds and loud moans & groans as she THRUSTS 3 FINGERS IN HER COOCHIE...FAST & HARD while fingering her butt hole! She gets so wet, her juices leak & flow to her butt hole as she brings herself to a convulsive climax! She can't keep her fingers out of "it" & SLAMS IN 4 FINGERS while deeply fingering her butt hole! She makes her love muscle & butt hole wink at you! She heats up again! Her juices run down her thigh & splatter everywhere! Naked, she lies on the counter, pulls "it" wide open while pumping her fingers furiously in & out her coochie & butt hole! Later, she gets messy with oil & squirts it all over her beautiful body. There's more deep finger penetration, loud moans & HOT MASTURBATION as she brings herself to another hard climax!

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