Carmella Crush

Released at: April 16, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
**"Sexy Sorter " featuring Carmella Crush & Rodney Moore-** Carmella, a cute Marcia you-know-who look-alike works for Sexy Sorters, and Rodney has hired her to cum over and sort all his DVDs and CDs. While sorting, she stumbles upon some porn movies. No problem there, but when she finds one with Rodney on the cover, she's impressed and wants to know if it's true all porn actors have big dicks. Rodney insists she decide for herself. He decides that she has one of the nicest pair of big natural breasts he's ever seen, and he plays with them, while she plays with his cock. Soon he's fucking her, and of course, unloads a big one on her face.

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