Cash For Chunkers #8

Released at: March 10, 2014 by Lethal Hardcore
The famously favorited federal fat fucking program ~~Cash for Chunkers~~ is back, and there are new guys just waiting, ready and willing to give these girls a **huge** stimulus'd package! Sashaa Juggs' ample backside and huge knockers made her trainer so horny that he couldn't stop himself from getting' a big piece of that action! Sapphire got soaking wet when Christian Examined her 38L titties so she deep throated his dong and begged him to fuck! Marie Leone is a buxom Nubian Princess who loves putting some sugar in her coffee! Star Staxx is a chubby blonde nympho who has never turned down a hard dick! Kacey Parker is a curvy BBW that turned our trainer Scott on so much that he had to get a extra large slice of that ass!

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Star Staxx

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