Cassandra & Dusty Volume 1

Released at: March 1, 2008 by Mike Hott Video
Cassandra comes to Dusty's place for an afternoon of hot lesbian sex. They start out kissing and caressing each other. They get naked and start right in with lots of girl/girl action- kissing, tit sucking, ass licking- close, close-ups of their hot asses and assholes being licked! Next off to the bathroom after all ass action. Each girl douches out each other's cunt! More breathtaking cunt close-ups. Each girl masturbates the other with the long douche snoot and each girl cums again! Now back to the bedroom for some really hot cunt lapping action! They eat each other's cunts like hot, heavy and juicy! Lots of cunt juice and cumming!!! Now for a hot, sensual, sexual relaxing shower. The two girls soap each other's body completely, tits, pussies, asses. The perfect ending to a hot, steamy sex session!

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