Casting The New Guys Volume 5

Released at: October 17, 2009 by Charisma Gold Entertainment
Justin visits Charisma and is nervous. He wants to be a porn actor. The bitch will give him a blowjob and deep-throats him all the way. In the end Justin sprays his cum on her big titties. This guy is a real joke, His name is Fred Hendriks. He claims to be a good fuck for all women. Instead he has a very small dick. Okay, he fucks and cums but that's all, Charisma was not impressed and we never saw this dude back after his casting... wondering why? Watch the scene! In the third scene we have a new wannabe actor, he calls himself the Cock. Can he impress Charisma to be her new actor??? Watch and find out! Last and maybe least, Michael Moore was a nice guy, a cutie in the words from Charisma. Unfortunately this guy has not the performance to be a good actor, and this guy we do not see again either.

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