Catch Point

Released at: September 9, 2019 by MissaX
Coach Isiah Maxwell receives a phone call from Ivy Lebelle. Coach Maxwell knows that it's likely another parent trying vying for a position on his team, he is reluctant to answer the phone, but seeing that he's away from his desk at the University, he's safe at home, he answers. "Hi, Coach Maxwell. Can I request a few moments of your time?" "I'm sorry, I'm not at the office, Ms. Lebelle." He recognizes her voice. She's called twice before at the university. She's particularly aggressive, and no, he's not the sort of man to be pushed around, even if her 18-year-old is some sort of social media celebrity. "That's alright, I'm right outside your door. I'll be up soon." She hangs up, and within minutes she's knocking on his door. Coach Maxwell is shocked. The nerve of this woman! She thinks because she was on a popular sitcom, because she has money, that she can persuade him to give up a position on the team when her daughter has no talent! She saunters past him in a fitted skirt, leopard print, it screams for Coach Maxwell to notice, and she does. He stiffens his spine, he must not be persuaded, not by her fame, nor her money, or by her body. Ivy looks at him with piercing blue eyes, she was never the type of woman to accept "no," for an answer, and years later, her resolve has only strengthened. She will win a spot for her little angel on his team, for her pride, for her daughter, and for the sake of winning. Watch the story unfold..

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