Catching Mommy Sneaking

Released at: October 1, 2021 by Girlsway
Kyler Quinn and his girlfriend Gianna Dior decide to watch a movie and invite Kyler's stepmother Sarah Vandella to join them. Gianna deliberately decides to sit between the two so that she can have fun under the blanket. Gia Derza waits impatiently in the living room, not at all thrilled. Suddenly, her stepmother, Christie Stevens, all dressed for a night out, slips in through the front door. Gia grabs her and confronts her. What did her mother-in-law do after the curfew? Christie admitted she was going clubbing with friends. Gia quickly becomes mischievous as she realizes that she can use this to her advantage. Christie Stevens, an HR rep at a big company, is showing her step-daughter, Gia Derza, around the place. Christie has gotten Gia a summer internship. But a week later, nothing is going according to plan. Christie has heard a rumor that Gia is dating someone in the company and is determined to get to the bottom of it. Christie sees the conference room and decides to check if Gia is in there. She is shocked, when she opens the door enough to look inside, seeing Gia and the boss's daughter, Eliza Eves, both half-naked and having sex together.

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