Caught In A Lie

Released at: April 21, 2014 by Shadow Lane
A spoiled, idle, and not to mention, rather voluptuous, housewife who loves showing off her sensational cleavage, luscious bottom and shapely legs in tight dresses, seamed stockings, garter belts, dainty panties and stiletto heels, irritates her no-nonsense husband into turning her over his knee. After scolding her soundly and spanking her bare bottom for being a brat, Riff advises Samantha to see to her duties. Naturally, under the duress of a smarting seat, Samantha agrees, but then instead devotes her energy to avoiding her chores and outsmarting her top. But she can't win and at the end of the day, gets caught and subjected to additional hard spanking, plus having to bend over the dining room table for a vigorous nude strapping with her husband's leather belt. Samantha Grace and her real life guy take us back to the American suburbs of the 1950's, with all the over the knee spanking that implies, in Caught in a Lie.

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