CFNM Volume 43

Released at: August 10, 2021 by William Higgins Productions
Sexy Filda Daneska is shackled to a St Andrew's Cross wearing only some skimpy underwear and a hood. He is struggling against his shackles as a sexy temptress arrives to play with him for her pleasure. She tells him to be quiet and starts feeling over his body. Leaning forward she sucks on nipples and then slaps it too. She pulls on the nipples and then torments them with a sharp tool, dragging it across Filda's chest. She takes a riding crop and starts to hit on Filda's legs and his chest, making him moan loudly. She gropes his underwear as well as hits on that sexy body. She removes the hood revealing that Filda is gagged as well. Reaching into his underwear the girl gropes his cock and balls. Then the underwear is pulled down and she grabs his dick. She wanks the cock which soon begins to respond. As she wanks that cock she also uses the crop on Filda's chest. Then she uses it on his cock and balls too. Dropping to her knees she continues to wank that dick and hit on the chest. Taking a massager she rubs it against Filda's balls as she keeps wanking his stiff cock. She rubs it over his dick too, up and down his shaft. That cock is rock hard from all the attention it gets. A whip is used on the sexy body too and on the cock. The Filda is moved to an exam chair, with his legs in stirrups, and tied, exposing his ass. His cock is wanked and then his ass gets some attention. A dildo appears and rubbed over the hole. Soon it pushes into that tight ass hole and starts to fuck as Filda moans. That ass gets fucked deep and a different toy is used to fuck even more. Then a much fatter dildo really stretches that hot ass hole as Filda begs for the girl to stop. But she responds by putting him on his knees and working his hole some more. That ass gets a lot of action, with a cock on a pole coming into play too. Then the girl relents and sits Filda down while she wanks his cock until it gives up the hot cum. Alexandr Jander is just out of the shower and he runs into his bedroom to dry himself off and then get dressed. Then he attends to his hair as he stands in front of the mirror. As he does so his girlfriend arrives and enquires where he is going. It seems that he must go to a meeting. But before he goes he must find his phone. That is a problem since his girlfriend has the phone and she has found that his meeting is with another girl. Alexandr is in trouble, that is clear. Alexandr tries to apologize but to no avail. He is told to get out of the flat or he will be beaten. That option is one that appeals more to Alexandr and he bends over on the bed. The girl spanks his ass and pushes down his jeans to discover he doesn't have on any underwear. She spanks his bare ass. She really hits hard on Alexandr's ass which soon starts to color up nicely. Thinking quickly the girl has decided to really show Alexandr what happens when she is deceived. She soon has him naked, laying on his back in a chair with his ankles shackled to his wrists to exposed his ass and the tight hole. Alexandr is gagged too and the girl is hitting on his naked ass with a riding crop. She rubs his cock, balls, and ass. Alexandr is enjoying it, as can be seen by how hard his cock gets as he feels the riding crop. The rosy ass cheeks feel the sting of the crop, and then the girl's hand rubbing over it. She takes hold of his big, hard, cock and gives it a bit of a wank. Then she takes some oil and drips it onto the cock, rubbing it all over. She rubs some onto Alexandr's exposed ass hole too. Then she wanks his big cock. She rubs his ass and then she sucks on his cock too. As she sucks and wanks that cock the girl slaps Alexandr's ass too. Soon she attends to that tight hole, slipping a finger deep inside. She fucks the tight hole with her finger and then she sucks on Alexandr's balls too. She has an electric wand that delivers little shocks and soon that is doing just that as it is waved all over Alexandr's ass, balls, cock and body. At the same time, she continues to suck on the balls and slap the sexy ass. More oil is used and soon the finger in back in Alexandr's hole. It fucks hard into the hole as she sucks his balls and wanks his cock. Then a vibrator is pushed into his ass hole and fucks deeps inside. With that hot hole opened up a larger toy is pushed inside too with the girl sucking on the stiff cock as well. She fucks his hole hard with the toy as she wanks Alexandr's cock as hard as she can. Soon that cock shoots the hot cum as the toy is deep in that hot hole. She milks Alexandr's cock dry as that fat toy is embedded deep in his ass.

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