CFNM Volume 45

Released at: August 24, 2022 by William Higgins Productions
Josef Usnik needs a massage and he removes his robe before laying on the massage table, face down. The sexy masseuse arrives and gently feels his back and ass as she asks him if he is ready. She caresses Josef's body as she asks if he likes it. She lets her hands run all over the back, onto the ass and down his legs too. Then she caresses his neck with her lips, and begins to kiss her way down his back too. The the girl begins to massage that hot body. In the process she also kisses Josef's ass. Taking some oil she then massages his feet. Josef turns over onto his back and feels the hands running all over his chest. The hands move down to Josef's groin and his cock gets hard very quickly. The girl runs a hand over that stiff cock and then she leans down and sucks on Josef's balls. She licks the thick shaft of that hard cock too. Taking some oil she coats the stiff cock and starts to wank it gently. Very quickly that big dick erupts with flowing cum. The girl cleans the cum from Josef's belly and cock and then she turns him over. On his knees Josef's ass is fully exposed and the girl soon starts to finger it. She works that hole with the fingers and then uses a dildo to fuck deep inside. The dildo is swapped for a vibrator which also fucks that hole well. Then Josef lays on his back again and his cock is wanked again. It has more cum and that is soon deposited on his belly too. The girl scoops up and cum and wipes it over Josef's face as his tongue comes out of his mouth to get a taste. Ivan Jurdan is busy on his laptop, seemingly writing as he studies. He looks over his shoulder to check that he is alone as he puts some porn on the laptop. His dick gets hard in his jeans and Ivan pulls it out and starts wanking as he enjoys the porn. The dick is rock hard in his hand as he wanks himself. As he wanks he is caught by the girl in the video. She screams at him for watching her private video and threatens to report him. Ivan begs her not to do it. But the prevent that he has to submit to the girl. Ivan takes off his jeans and then is made to take off the tee shirt and underwear too. Fully naked he has to sit on the back as the girl kneels and takes hold of his cock. She drips some oil onto Ivan's cock and starts to wank it. That big cock gets hard as the girl wanks it. More oil is applied to that big cock and the girl rubs Ivan's chest too. She leans over, resting her breasts on Ivan's shoulders as she rubs him. Her breasts become exposed in the process. Then she moves to wank that cock again. That huge cock is rock hard from all the attention. Ivan stands up and works his hips as the cock is held between the girls hands. Then she wanks that cock hard. The big dick pokes out in front of him as she wanks it. Then Ivan bends over and shows his hairy ass. The girl grabs that ass cheeks and spreads them. She also spanks the ass cheeks. fully exposing the tight hole. He is moved to the chair, still presenting his ass. That tight hole is shown off as the girl spreads the cheeks. The girl takes a dildo and some oil and she it soon shoving it deep into Ivan's tight hole. The toy is fucked into the hole, going all the way in. The girl fucks that hole with her toy, pulling out and sliding all the way inside again. Then she pulls it out and rubs the toy over Ivan's mouth. His hole stays open, as if wanting more, when the toy is removed. That gaping hole looks so inviting and soon, as he lays on his back, it feels a larger dildo being shoved deep into it. Ivan grimaces as the girl works his hot hole with the fat rubber cock. That big dildo is pushed deep into the hole, stretching it wide. When it comes out that hole is open so wide, gaping beautifully. Then she allows Ivan to sit up as she wanks him until he shoots his creamy cum.

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