Released at: January 19, 2019 by California Star Productions
The chambermaids are at it again at the Barrington Estate. Julie, the chief maid, had better bring them in line or her own position may be in jeopardy. Drastic measures are called for. And Julie has the right tools for the job - a wooden paddle; a long, limber cane and two very strong hands. Now with one maid bent across her knees, her naked, plump posterior thrust vulnerably into plain view, Julie well understands why maids' uniforms are so short. They must have been designed with occasions such as this in mind. Short enough to readily expose tender white bottoms. Long enough to cover the long, thin, deep red marks left by the cane. And her bottom will be well marked. Maid number two will soon take her place beneath the cane. With these two troublemakers on the job, Julie certainly has her hands full.

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