Charlotte's Request For Chloe

Released at: January 17, 2014 by Society SM
Charlotte Stokely is one of our freshest faces and most popular porn stars as of late...she does the submissive role very well...and she is very beautiful...I like the way this shoot went...Charlotte told me she had a hot little vixen who she wanted to have her way with...I got her friend's info and set up the shoot...This is how it should be...A very horny and kinky woman, wanting the opportunity to sexually dominate someone who caught her eye...We take care of the details and get cute lil Chloe all bound up for her, then Charlotte begins to enjoy her new toy...face sitting, vibrators and orgasms on top and bottom. Charlotte had her fun with sweet Chloe, but we decide to turn the tables...Charlotte gets tied with her feet up in the air and her ass exposed...We give Chloe a few pointers and let her loose on Char...First, Chloe makes sure to use the flogger to make up for any discomfort she might have felt as a bottom...then she removes the gag and rides Charlotte's tongue for her own Dominant peasure...she really seems to enjoy this role...Charlottle learns a good lesson though...never assume the cute girls are submissive. Because Charlotte and Chloe have had such a long day of bondage, I decide on something a bit different for their final scene...we strip both exhausted models and tie them face to face...each straddles a magic wand...their instructions are kiss until they orgasm...they give us a fantastically feminine show full of lips and little tongues lapping away at the other... The adorable Chloe Lynn is well tied to a bed...Charlotte decides to have some light hearted tickle fun and both girls end up giggling.

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