Chasing The Muse

Released at: September 21, 2018 by Artsploitation Films
**Feature 1: Chasing The Muse** Legendary erotic filmmaker Jean-Francois Davy turns the camera on himself (and a bevy of beautiful young women) in the revealing documentary about his search through Eastern Europe for a leading lady for his next carnal opus. Gorgeous young ladies eagerly undress (and more) for the camera, but it's a surprisingly personal connection that leads Davy to the perfect starlet. ~~Chasing The Muse~~ is for mature audiences only. **Feature 2: Exhibition** Dubbed "the most important film event of the year" upon its release in 1975, Jean-Franois Davy's classic documentary ~~Exhibition~~ focuses on young star Claudine Beccarie as she traverses the ins and outs of the French porn industry. With the distinction of being the first hardcore film ever accepted by the New York Film Festival, Artsploitation Films are proud to present Davy's director's cut of the film in a brand new digital restoration.

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