Chat with Charlie

Released at: September 7, 2012 by Billie West Productions
Charlie is lying in her bed wearing a nice white robe and on the computer chatting with the guys. They ask her to touch her breasts and she gets so excited she leaves the chat room, puts down the keyboard and starts to play with herself. First her robe comes off and she starts to rub and play with her pink pussy, spreading it wide open for you to see deep inside of her. Getting wetter and wetter she rolls over and fingers her tight ass wanting to get fucked deep in both holes. Then she removes her underpants, grabs her favorite purple vibrator and fucks herself to a great orgasm. Next she grabs her anal intruder toy bends over on her liberator cushion and fucks her tight ass deep and hard to another great orgasm. Finishing she grabs the keyboard with a big grin on her face and tells the guys that she just got fucked and too bad they were not here. A real great performance from cute Charlie.

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