Cheryl's Exam

Released at: January 1, 2004 by Galaxy Productions
That's a doctor's office?? Looks more like an auto parts store. Today, its Dr. Savage and will you look at this naughty, contrite schoolgirl, Cheryl. In full and total school uniform. A sailor-blouse top, flared, pleated skirt, white socks and Mary Jane shoes. And what an angel she is. Barely legal and the biggest eyes you will ever see. She must need that physical for admission to the academy and Savage is going to give her the full, 28 point inspection trip. This girl permanently belongs in detention class. Or the doctor's office. Role-playing at its best and the doc is roping up another conquest. A white ball gag, keeps the purity theme alive. Oh, and he puts on a white smock, okay, you just graduated from Harvard Medical. And look at Cheryl's perfect, blinding, white panties. Just like the kinds we peeked at back in the day. Solid cheeks as the slaps echo through the room. Now, those are some panties. Checking her fanny beat is always a good thing. Down come the panties and a wonderful, round bottom is getting tanned up. She has to bend over a walker, cute. And Doc is really laying in those cat strokes, no messing around here. She takes them stoically and he's passing 50 lashes. The feather-leather paddle appears and her rear portrait is taking on some color. What a nice slash she has too. The designer paddle increased her yelps. Drool drops from her lips to the floor, like she tinkled herself. She is now roped inside the walker. She'll have to run wind sprints with that thing. Even Savage loves her panties as he checks heartbeat on her muff. Readings good, let's smack that crease around. Panties must come down, as the swelling lips determine the impacts of the smacks. Those are some nasty tongs. Tongs for the thongs, perhaps. There appears to be some furry knoll on her cute little box. However, the tongs have to check out the hooded lips first. More drool, landing on her twat. Nice Bavarian ham slices she has. Tongs are twisting them thick. Savage is checking her for termites. It is a pretty pussy. There is a "fuzz fedora" up there as the twat chains are attached. And he takes an entire box of clothespins and drops them all on the clit lips. She'll be able to touch the floor when he's done here. She'll be able to roll a truck tire with her gash. This is a wonderful way to use a wheel chair. Stripped to her panties, Cheryl has some special ed coming. This is the double-edged razor strap at work now. She has a beautiful fanny. We would all kneel in line to give her some tongue action. That was a protracted strapping. Now, roped and nude to the stirrup table, the gash is wide open and the doc is going to make the best of this winner. That is a very raw slice at this point. The flogging continues. Forceps open her lips like an amusement park ride. Zoom shot of the year here. Enter the torpedo vibrator, doing its work along the forceps. Its sound is deafening. Duct tape the virbrating toy right to her tenders. She is going insane with pleasure now. An hour of this??? Lucky girl. In the fantasy world, Savage has the ideal gig--doctor at a girl's school. In real life, he would be indicted.

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