Classic Catfights Vol. 1

Released at: October 22, 2014 by Napali Video
With Busty Brats at war, men (and women alike) are now able to view some of the bustiest, beautiful Glamazon gladiators on film. If you're the average man who loves beautiful women, get ready to enter a magic world that will quicken your pulse and make your heart beat faster. Sit back and enjoy four "Best of Napali" cat fight highlight segments featuring eight busty Superstars in a variety of exciting matches selected from the world famous library of over 500 titles. It's exciting, woman-to-woman competition at it's very best, starring hot models, top adult starlets and big-name exotic dancers in lusty brawls with hair pulling, slapping, gouging, wrestling, kissing duels, slow-mo boxing, and bulging boob fights ? the wildest action in cat fight heaven!

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Scene2: 00:15:18 - 00:30:18 (15:00)

Scene3: 00:30:19 - 00:45:25 (15:06)

Scene4: 00:45:26 - 01:00:17 (14:51)

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