Classic Schoolgirl Punishment

Released at: June 28, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
We are using Emma for our tutorial today on "Classic Schoolgirl Punishment." Clad in a classic schoolgirl uniform of crisp white shirt and a red and black plaid skirt, she is always full of mischief and a perfect candidate for reprimand. The Headmaster has Emma bent over a high table and begins with the cane. In addition to the caning, Emma must rise after each stroke, thank the Headmaster and profess her sorrow over her misdeeds. During this exercise her white, regulation panties are down around her thighs. Revealed is her already reddened bottom from past transgressions. The punishment continues with Emma's skirt and panties fully disposed of and the Headmaster utilizing the paddle. He leaves her outside on the patio, facing a wall, hands above her head. The girl weeps throughout.

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