Club Xtrem: Adriana & Cherry Stars Perversions

Released at: January 21, 2019 by DORCEL (English)
When they go into the Xtrem Club, three young women will experience an unforgettable night of orgy! Theyre young, with stunning bodies and unfulfilled fantasies: for one night, Adriana, Cherry and Amirah will cast off their inhibitions and surrender to the assaults of the men in the Xtrem Club, a place of chic debauchery where there are no taboos... To enter the club, the ritual is the same for all the girls: in the lobby, they exchange their chaste clothes for the most gorgeous pieces of fine lingerie, then go down to the basement where sweat and sex await them... Adriana and Cherry are together in a torrid foursome, the two young women going from penis to penis, kissing each other and exchanging their partners sperm with incredible passion! But the night has only just begun and the dissipated girls separate so that each of them can indulge in an orgy with no limits. The opportunity for them to try out the pleasures of double penetration... The young Amirah, who is more reserved, isolates herself with two hot studs who initiate her into the ways of the club. Judging from her cries of pleasure, the Xtrem Club has just enrolled a new recruit... For if our heroines of the night go back to their respectable lives next morning, they come back again at the earliest opportunity. What happens in the Xtrem Club stays in the Xtrem Club...

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