Codi Milo Naughty Pantyhose 2

Released at: September 20, 2011 by Playtime Video
Orange shorts waitress Cody Milo models her sexy uniform and knows how addicted to her you really are as she bends over as her orange shorts are taught on her sweet ass. "I want you to rub yourself raw!" as she makes you get out your love doll and fuck it for her and calls you a "dirty little pervert!" She tells you to rub your dick on her shiny pantyhose. She pulls off her little white ankle socks and tells you to "squirt all over my feet!" Uniform off, she poses in just her pantyhose as she makes you stroke feverishly while she towers over you. Then, she pulls the hose halfway down and spreads her hot hole. Next, in her race queen outfit, Cody shows you her black pantyhose as she sways to the music and thrusts her hips in your face while standing over you. She pulls the leotard off to the side as her slit is in clear view through the sheer crotch of the hose. "You're obsessed with me!" as she exposes her inflated tits. Down to just the pantyhose, she pounds her fist onto her crotch. "You're all dirty and perverted!" She spreads her pussy under the hose before she pulls them off for you freaks as her juices are in full view. Next, your school teacher, Miss Milo finds your underwear and scolds you for having a little dick. She lifts her short skirt to expose her sweet pussy under sheer crotch nude pantyhose. She taunts you for being a pantyhose pervert as she rubs her pussy. "Your goal in life is to get inside these pantyhose!" she teases. She strips down and puts her feet up on her desk and tells you to "fuck my feet!" She slides the hose down and spreads her silken pussy wide. 4th scene, Cody asks "do you want to fuck me through my fishnets?" As she bends over only wearing a sheer black top and the black fishnet pantyhose "you dirty old man!" She pulls off her heels and tells you to suck on her toes as she's now totally disgusted with you. She spreads her pussy wide from under the hose and asks if you like her lips as she holds the camera close before ripping open the crotch and pumping her fist at you. A nasty little slut that you're in love with.

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