Coed Debutantes 3

Released at: February 8, 2012 by AMK Empire
Coed Debutantes features ten scenes of co-ed college babes that missed the rent date or just simply need to get fucked! College is that magical year where the sex-drive of a woman starts to catch up with the horny guys that lust after them! That fucking wonderful time when you have nothing but time and so much space and privacy to fuck to your hearts desires. Especially when you have babes like Kylie Sky, Megan Piper, Allison Banks and so many others around you!

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Scene1: 00:24:17 - 00:36:53 (12:36)


Maia Davis

Scene2: 00:36:54 - 00:59:00 (22:06)

Scene3: 00:59:01 - 01:20:00 (20:59)